This SAE Recommended Practice document defines a recommended practice for implementing a bidirectional, serial communication link among modules containing microcomputers. This document defines those parameters of the serial link that relate primarily to hardware and basic software compatibility such as interface requirements, system protocol, and message format.

The actual data to be transmitted by particular modules, which is an important aspect of communications compatibility, is not specified in this document. These and other details of communications link implementation and use should be specified in the separate application documents referenced in Section 2. Save money while getting up-to-date access to the standards you need!


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MID? PID? FMI? - What Do They Mean?

Get Involved Want to participate in updating this standard? Join Committee Learn More.SAE J is a standard used for serial communications between ECUs on a heavy duty vehicle and also between a computer and the vehicle. The protocol is maintained by SAE International. A message is composed of up to 21 characters, unless the engine is stopped and the vehicle is not moving in which case transmitters are allowed to exceed the 21 byte max message length.

Characters are transmitted in the common 8N1 format. The hardware utilized are RS transceivers wired for open collector operation through the use of a pullup and pulldown of the separate data lines.

Transmission is accomplished by controlling the driver enable pin of the transceiver. This method allows multiple devices to share the bus without the need for a single master node. Collisions are avoided by monitoring the bus while transmitting the MID to ensure that another node has not simultaneously transmitted a MID with a higher priority. J protocol uses the same transceiver as RS The bus network supports at least 20 nodes with these transceivers.

J does not use the bus termination resistors used by RS J is an automotive diagnostic protocol standard developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE for heavy-duty and most medium-duty vehicles built after The J protocol uses different diagnostic connectors. Up toindividual OEMs used their own connectors. From tothe 6-pin Deutsch-connector was standard. Beginning inmost OEMs converted to the 9-pin Deutsch. Some OEMs still use the 6-pin Deutsch.

Get on the Bus: J1708 and J1939 Vehicle Bus Standards

It has mostly been used for US made vehicles, and also by Volvo. Other European brands have usually used KWP. The J protocol defines the format of J messages sent between microprocessors devices in heavy duty vehicles. It also supports communication with external devices connected to the bus.

J1708 Engine Gateway YDES-04

SAE J is basically an RS hardware interface without the typical ohm termination resistors.For customer support inquiries www. In the world of electronic data, the bus carries various types of messages formatted to report status, issue commands and request data. While market demand for vehicle electronics are driving innovation and complexity, the networked vehicle originated from government requirements to control and regulate vehicle emissions and reduce air pollution.

Soon after, multiple studies showed that adding sophisticated at the time features such as antilock brakes and air bags saved lives. Adding these quickly mandated features required even more hardware and software to be added as standard features on every vehicle. The SAE sought to establish this standard across all brands of heavy duty trucks in order to avoid the discrepant and proprietary protocols adopted by the manufacturers of light duty vehicles.

This standard was put into production vehicles as a standard. Starting init included a specific diagnostic connector to be used on all heavy duty vehicles. The members of SAE determined that a new higher-speed network would be required and began to draft a standard that would be known as J By most heavy duty truck and engine manufacturers had adopted at least a partial implementation of J J also has its own special connector. Still called a Deutsch plug, this one was changed to 9-pins.

It still has power, ground and J connections in addition to the new J wires. It also added the option for a second CAN connection for proprietary data networks. Skip to main content. Nov 14, Do you know if your trucks are J or J?A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location.

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It's good to understand the foundation of fault codes and where they originate from. The SAE formed a document that is the underlying layer of the low-speed communication bus. In heavy-duty applications, this is the primary communication protocol depending on the manufacturer.

You can purchase these documents from SAE website. Links are at the bottom. The channel for communication happens on this low speed protocol. This communication is usually more common on trucks that are older than year model year.

The most common protocol for the trucking industry is J, which communicates at the faster k baud rate. This is your source address. This is the address what the module is. When you connect the ECU and read raw data this is the communication that you see. This data is being sent at baud rate speed.

This is not that fast compared to the newer J k speed. So the communication that is happening here is transmitting important information at a rate that is documented by the standard. This part of the fault code explains what the parameter or system identification is.

All of that raw data in the example above means something! The OEM's use the standard so everyone is on the same page. Meaning that you have no load or resistance since an EGR motor is a resistor. You need to check for rubbed wires or you need to replace your EGR valve to fix this fault code.

Check the resistance of the EGR motor, it should be less than 10 ohms based on the manufacture spec.With it, you can see engine revolutions, temperature, working hours, fuel rate and other information on the screen of a chart plotter and other display devices on an NMEA network. D12C-A MP. A J interface is used for connection of gauges, electronic displays, diagnostics equipment and other vehicle modules.


This interface was very popular untilwhen it began to be quickly replaced by the J protocol that is based, the same as NMEAon a faster CAN network.

Picture 1. Picture 2. For owners of other engines, use the disassembled male connector supplied with the Gateway to make an adaptor cable for your engine yourself see Picture 1. Please, see more details in the Manual. Reporting of two fuel tanks and two batteries is also supported. Please see technical details and PID numbers in the Manual. The data you can get on the chart plotter depends on the engine controller firmware and the number of installed sensors. The Gateway is equipped with a slot for a MicroSD card, which can be used to configure its settings loading a text file with the settingsretrieve the current configuration, update the Device firmware and record the data from the J and NMEA interfaces for configuration and diagnosis of the Device.

A Brief Introduction to SAE J1708 and J1587

For other networks, an adapter cable may be required. Picture 3. View models and prices. Drawing of J Engine Gateway, models YDESR left and YDEG-0SN right Reasons to buy: duplicate or replace broken instruments; in combination with a wifi-enabled chart plotter, you'll be able to monitor your engine from any cabin; in combination with our Wi-Fi Gatewayyou'll be able to monitor your engines from PC, tablet or smartphone using a web browser ; log engine and fuel usage by crew or renters if a recording device like Voyage Recorder is outfitted; record your engine data to apply for service remotely.

Features: first and the only! FAQ Contact.These systems require specific types of diagnostic procedures which are covered in this class. Upon Completion of the course the students will receive reference material for further self study and also a certificate of completion for the course.

From software diagnostics to full on oscilloscope diagnostics, we will cover how to properly troubleshoot communication issues.

Datalink "J1939/J1708" Troubleshooting for Technicians

Students will use a variety of techniques such as resistance and voltage checks to find faults in real world circuits. For those traveling, we have negotiated discounted hotel rates with the closest Hyatt. We have also selected several local restaurants that may interest you while you're visiting.

Click the link below to learn more. By the end of this one-day class students will have hands on experience with the proper usage of the tools and methods to diagnose diesel aftertrea Students will continue their electrical knowledge growth by learn In this course, students will learn directly from instructors who were Diamond certified Navistar technicians.

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